01. The [hostages] were finally liberated by the police after 3 days.
02. The terrorists have said that they will begin killing the [hostages] at midnight if their demands are not met.
03. The Chicken-People of Jupiter are holding our astronauts [hostage], and will not release them until all the chicken restaurants on earth have been destroyed.
04. The bank manager and all the cashiers were taken [hostage] by the bank robbers.
05. In 1976, an Israeli commando squad rescued over 100 [hostages] being held by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked a French airliner.
06. Canadian logging companies say they are [hostages] to the boycott which the environmental organization Greenpeace organized to protest clearcutting of old growth forest in this province.
07. The terrorists have been releasing their [hostages] one by one, and appear to be ready to compromise.
08. The guerrillas have released the old and sick among the [hostages], but say that they will kill the others unless the government withdraws its troops from the area, and frees a number of political prisoners.
09. In 1979, fifty Americans were taken [hostage] by student revolutionaries in Iran, and held for 444 days.
10. One of the police negotiators offered to take the place of a [hostage], but the terrorists refused.
11. The police don't want to attack the building where the terrorists are holding people, out of fear that some [hostages] may be killed in the attempt to free them.
12. The murder of Israeli athletes taken [hostage] during the Munich Olympics is the most terrible incident in the history of the Olympic Games.
13. In 1996, Chechen rebels seized some 2,000 [hostages] in a southern Russian town, and threatened to kill them if their demands were not met.
14. When one of his ship's boats was stolen, Captain Cook took a Hawaiian chief as [hostage] until the boat was returned.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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